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Born 1962 in Milan, Italy.

A central aspect of Rinaldo Invernizzi’s work as a painter is his method of working in series, where the act of painting becomes a perceptible form of research. He usually draws inspiration from the visible and invisible worlds of nature, faith, and vanitas; these manifest themselves as contemplative subjects in an expression of his inner self. Every cycle is conceived in a deliberately restricted palette, focusing on the expressive value of colour. By spreading the paint in evocatively textured movements with a flat brush, the paint as substance becomes part of his powerful series of paintings. Rinaldo Invernizzi’s work conveys the investigative process of an enquiring mind, driven by a continuous and relentless search for God.

In 2023 Rinaldo Invernizzi created a site-specific cycle of paintings for his solo exhibition at the Libreria Sansoviniana, the historical reading room of the Biblioteca Nazionale Marciana; in his ‘Vanitas with Books’ series, he responds to the rich ceiling and wall decoration painted by some of the greatest artists of sixteenth-century Venice including Titian, Tintoretto and Veronese, referring to the symbolic value of the ‘book’ (‘La mia patria sono stati i libri’, Biblioteca Nazionale Marciana, Venice, 28 July – 27 Sept. 2023).

The year before, parallel to the 59th International Art Exhibition of the Biennale di Venezia in 2022, Rinaldo Invernizzi immersed himself in the beauty of Venice, by extracting the luminous quality of the emerald-green of the lagoon, the anthracite-grey of the night and the cobalt-blue of the clouds, in search of the infinite potential of colour in order to give emotional substance to the light enclosed within it (‘Emerald. Anthracite. Cobalt.’, Palazzo Martinengo, Venice, 20 April – 30 Sept. 2022).

In 2021 the idyllic setting of William Christie’s gardens in Thiré in western France formed the backdrop for Rinaldo Invernizzi’s cycle dedicated to landscape, ‘Air. Earth. Fire. Water.’ The paintings accompanied the yearly music festival ‘Dans les Jardins de William Christie’, organised by the founder of the ensemble Les Arts Florissants. In this series, Rinaldo Invernizzi contrasts intense yellow, fiery red, lush green and deep blue, in relation to the four elements, while composing a landscape, introducing the musicality of time of the four seasons (‘Du Paysage’, Thiré, Pays de la Loire, 2021).

Rinaldo Invernizzi’s passion has always been art in the broader sense, a sort of Gesamtkunstwerk, including, but not restricted to, visual arts, literature, music and theatre. Although he initially pursued a career in the financial sector, he had already begun experimenting with the medium of painting, when he was fourteen. He established his own art studio in the early 1990s in Munich. Since the early 2000s, he has participated in group and solo exhibitions in academic and religious institutions, notably in Italy, his homeland. In 2007, he enrolled at the Brera Academy of Fine Arts in Milan where he studied with Prof. Andrea del Guercio, and in 2012, he obtained a diploma in Contemporary Sacred Art. He has also written short stories and novels that are awaiting publication.

Rinaldo Invernizzi’s love for Venice also explains his attraction to the medium of glass and his involvement with design. Since 2017, he has been the president and artistic co-director of Barovier & Toso, Venice, a historic Muranese establishment that is the leader in the art of glassblowing and the creation of artistic lighting.