Rinaldo Invernizzi



La mia prima patria sono stati i libri.

 4 August - 24 August 2023 

Biblioteca Nazionale Marciana, Piazza San Marco 7, Venice, Italy






Selected works

The exhibition shows one cycle encompassing three colours: Emerald, Anthracite  and Cobalt.
Among other interpretations, the cycle pays tribute to Venice with its unique lagoon. 

Past exhibitions:

2021 Du Paysage, Festival Dans les jardins de William Christie, Thire', France

2019 Disseminazione, Museo d'Arte Sacra Camaiore, Lucca, Italia

2010 Paesaggi di Risurrezione, Facolta' dell’Italia Settentrionale, Galleria Accademia Contemporanea Milano, Milano, Italia

2009 Sacra Conversazione, Chiesa di San Martino, Castello Valsolda, Italia

2006 Disseminazione, Piacenza, Italia 



Rinaldo Invernizzi was born in Milan in 1962. He lives and works in Lugano, San Mamete (Como) and Murano (Venice). In 1983 he took a degree in business and economics in Lausanne (Switzerland); afterwards he worked for ten years in the financial sector in Munich (Germany).

In 2000 he decided to devote himself entirely to art, painting and writing. His research concentrates on the contemplative aspect of nature and landscape, as well as sacred themes and religion.

This radical change in his life led him to enrol at the Brera Academy of Fine Arts in Milan, also because of the encouragement of Prof. Andrea del Guercio. In 2010, the Theological Faculty of Northern Italy in Milan presented a large solo show of his works, “Landscapes of Resurrection”, accompanied by a volume including essays by A. Del Guercio, the theologist Mons. Prof. Pierangelo Sequeri and the psychologist Prof. Dott. Mauro Pedroni. In 2012 Rinaldo Invernizzi obtained a degree in Visual Arts at the Brera Academy of Fine Arts.

In 2013 he began a four-year experience with a restaurant in Milan, in which his work as an artist played a crucial role: Refettorio, a venue not only for culinary culture but also of art, poetry and performance.

Since 2017 he has also concentrated on design. He is the president and artistic co-director of Barovier & Toso in Venice, a historic Muranese establishment that is the leader in the art of glassblowing and the creation of artistic lighting.

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